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I raise killer dogs and bees in a caring and nurturing environment. I like children and old people, but not their smells. I alternate between sitting, moving, and sleeping. My dreams are to be successful at something I love without having to work very hard, marry a wonderful woman, have children, grow old and watch them blossom into morons, retire, and somewhere along the way cultivate a deep interest in some insignificant hobby - let's say model trains.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Growing Up

It happens to all good things. Your parents’ house, your pants over Christmas, MTV, the Friday morning fart song – you outgrow them. And so too, it is likewise true for the blog Bottles & Cans, also, too. It was a fun start, but man, this whole linear layout thing has me stifled. But don’t fret! The Spirit (yes, in cases like these Spirit is capitalized) of B&C will live on.

I’m starting a website. A real honest to God, big boy, I don’t pee the bed anymore website. It will be like Bottles & Cans to the max with like racing stripes, and some balloons and shit, and pancake dinners every 3rd Saturday. I mean all the bells and whistles. But seriously, it should dazzle and amaze.

The planned website will have more of a magazine format. Bottles & Cans type silly content will still be a mainstay, but there will be other departments for music, news you can use, things like that. I haven’t structured it yet, but the idea is there. Also I’ll probably be taking on additional writers to give it more of a layered voice. So if you’re a person who is really bored and not retarded with words and has something to say, or not, let me know. Consider this a casting call.

Also, if there’s something you think I would be remiss to leave off the new site let me know. But if you say things like “More pictures of kittens,” I’m going to hit you. Serious suggestions only please. This thing will probably be the best thing any of you have ever seen, so I don’t want to compromise it with your crap ideas. Please give me no suggestions. Send suggestions to

Well, that’s the news. Trust me, when it’s up I’ll let you know… loudly. Hmmm, am I forgetting anything? Hmmmm ummmmm uhhhhhhh Oh yeah… duh… the new hotness will be at - see you there.

*I still like the Friday morning fart song, that was a bad example.


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